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NUCA News for April

Dozer Day 2021 - WE'RE BACK!!!

2020 was a WILD ride but WE’RE BACK!!! We are so appreciative all our 2019 Dozer Day sponsors have hung in there with us through an unprecedented year of challenges for all!

After careful thought and consideration by our NUCA and Dozer Day Board of Directors as to whether or not to host a Dozer Day event in 2021, and if yes, when would be the best time, we’ve decided the world is ready for some Dozer Day family fun!

We will be holding Dozer Day 2021 the weekend of Saturday September 11th & Sunday September 12th.

The NUCA Board & Dozer Day planning committee is working with Panhandle Health Dept.....(Click HERE to read more)


Fun night of Networking at the Annual NUCA POP-A-SHOT March Madness Social Night

It was a hard fought battle out at NASHVILLE NORTH with records set then smashed at our Annual March Madness 'Pop-A-Shot' Tournament! But Chad Mettler of Arrow Construction Supply finally came out on top! A close second in the shoot out was Todd Hickman followed by 3rd place Cody Hattenburg - M&L Construction, 4th place Mark Christman - United Rentals Trench Safety and 5th place Justin - Arrow Construction supply.

Another HUGE thank you to our awesome associate member sponsors - United Rentals Trench Safety, Badger Daylighting, DP Nicoli, and Core & Main!!!


Enterprise Risk Management for Construction in 6 steps

By: Jim Majeskey, CPCU, AFSB, CRIS

Casey Lund, J.D., CPCU, AFSB, ARM, CRIS

As we continue the process, we cannot stress how important it is that your business partners are construction experts. Your Insurance/Surety agent, CPA, Banker and Attorney all need to be specialized in construction so you are getting the best possible advice in managing your company. If they do not know the industry you can easily miss some important issues which can be detrimental to your company.

Having completed step 1, evaluating the Enterprise, you are now ready to move on to Step 2 Identify and Analyze Risk Exposures

Identify and Analyze Risk Exposures

1. Hazard Risks

2. Financial Risk

3. Operational Risk

4. Strategic Risk

Hazard Risks are risks that create potential harm or danger to humans, property or the environment. Normally, to protect your company from Hazard Risk, you can buy insurance and transfers risks to subs via contractual risks transfers.

Financial Risks are the day to day risk associated with the finances of the company like nonpayment by an owner or higher tier contractor, regulatory compliance fines, supplier failure, unexpected pricing increases, and risk to liquidity and working capital.

Operational Risks include those events (internal and external) that could impact your employees, processes and internal systems. How are your operations organized and managed? How do you manage your Human Resources issues, your compliance policies and processes. Social media mas accelerated and magnified Operational Risks for many companies.

Strategic Risks are those that potentially impact the organizations goals and objectives. Leadership change? Global Pandemic? New Competitor? Changing Technology? How can decisions made today have a positive or negative impact on the company? What is our Strategy to deal with, overcome and capitalize on different strategic risks you face?

Once you complete Step 2 you and your business partners should have a global perspective on the risks your company have and a strong perspective on how they can impact your overall results.


New Online Training for Construction Contractors

Learn the fundamentals to become a successful registered contractor.

New construction contractors starting their businesses or experienced contractors looking to refresh their knowledge of Washington state requirements can now take training online at their convenience.

The “Contractor Overview” eLearning module is a self-paced, interactive instructional video lasting about 20 minutes. Those who finish the course can contact L&I for a certificate of completion.

What you will learn

  • Why you need to register as a contractor

  • What type of work requires contractor registration

  • Steps to opening your business and getting registered

  • Best practices to help you be a successful contractor in Washington State

Find more training opportunities at the WA State Dept of L&I Contractor Training & Workshops page.


NUCA's governmental affairs team is happy to report to the NUCA membership that their e-mails and calls to the U.S. Senate - plus a lot of hard work, long hours, and lobbying by NUCA staff - gained an extraordinary victory this afternoon for the industry and America's utility construction companies. On an bipartisan 89-2 vote, the Senate passed the Drinking Water and Wastewater Act of 2021 (S. 914) and sends it to the U.S. House for their vote. S. 914 doubles the past federal investment in water and wastewater programs. If the House passed it as written, $35 billion would become available to the reauthorized Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds over the next five years. NUCA members see our neglected community infrastructure first-hand everyday - we know better than anyone how dire the need is for this bill. This bipartisan bill is a long-overdue investment in our nation’s infrastructure that will create thousands of new jobs and help ensure millions of Americans have access to clean and healthy drinking water and safe, sanitary wastewater systems. Your participation in the upcoming May 26th Washington Summit is needed more than ever. We must urge our U.S. Representatives to pass S. 914 or other infrastructure legislation that makes sure the $35 billion floor set by today's Senate bill gets across the finish line. This bill is a tremendous step in the right direction. If your Senator voted for this legislation, please let them know your appreciation for their support of their community's water and wastewater infrastructure needs.


UESI-Pgh - NUCA-PA Symposium

Leading the Way to Smarter Utility Engineering Design &

Construction Damage Prevention

The ASCE Utility Engineering & Surveying Institute (UESI) Pittsburgh Chapter and the National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) of Pennsylvania have partnered to deliver a virtual symposium on “Leading the Way to Smarter Utility Engineering Design & Construction Damage Prevention”. This one-day event will engage stakeholders in a lively discussion on the:

  • top concerns stakeholders commonly face during design and construction.

  • utility conflict coordination and management.

  • subsurface utility engineering in accordance with ASCE 38.

  • technology advancements and the direction of the industry.

Earn up to 6 professional development hours and network with members of the industry.

For more information and to REGISTER, click HERE

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