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Families all across America are currently struggling to make ends meet.  And there are neighbors right here in the Pacific Northwest facing those same struggles.  Christmas is a time when these families could really use some assistance to get through the added financial hardship of the holidays.

NUCA of Eastern Washington North Idaho believes strongly in community and helping our neighbors.  With that snese of community in mind NUCA EWNI is starting an "adopt a family" Christmas Wish program.

Through a nomination process, NUCA will identify and nominate a family who is in need of Christmas assistance in the form of Christmas presents for the family, gift certificate, Christmas dinner, or other such provisions.  Families eligible will be an employee of a NUCA member company.

Once nominated the NUCA Board will decide who gets the Christmas Wish based on the greatest need of the family.  If you know of an employee or family member of the NUCA EWNI chapter that is struggling and could really use a Christmas Wish, please contact Sheri Nowlan at or 509-904-0652

If you and/or your company would like to donate to the Christmas Wish Fund, you can contact us at or by clicking below.  We also have giving opportunities at all our fall events (see events tab HERE).

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