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Leadership At Lunch Series

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To contact Brad directly, call Brad's cell at 214.762.4550

Session 1 

Thoroughbreds, Fence-Sitters & Carp

Leadership Means Reading Your Workers

•Who Are Today’s 3 Type of Workers?

•Determining Your Worker’s DNA Tendencies

Session 2

How to Effectively Lead the

Thoroughbred Worker

The Thoroughbred is your most desirable worker and 

are most often at work, ready to work, willing to work,

and thankful for the work




Session 3

How to Effectively Lead the

Fence-Sitter Worker

The Fence-Sitter is your average worker. Nothing

fancy; just do only what they’re told, when they’re

told, and how they’re told to do something.

Session 4

How to Effectively Lead the Carp Worker

The Carp can be your worst nightmare.  They are often

bright and the best skilled workers yet perform their

daily tasks with a negative tone. 

Session 5

Final Tips to Lead Our Current Workforce

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