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First Annual Safety Summit...meeting the needs of our members!

The National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) has designated June as Trench Safety Month, which coincides with June also being National Safety Month. In keeping with a safety-first focus, NUCA of Eastern Washington North Idaho hosted its first Eastern Washington Safety Summit at the HAMMER Training Facility in Richland WA June 22, 2023.

Guest speakers included Hanna Patterson and Elisia from OSHA, Debra Kellard and Mark Wagar from L& I as well as NUCA EWNI member Mark Gunderson from Badger, Troy Canoy from United Rental Trench Safety and NUCA EWNI board member Kai Zimmerman from DP Nicoli. Participants got to hear information on a variety of safety subjects including: how to prepare for a compliance visit, traffic control and safety compliance, trench safety standards, best digging practices, non-invasive excavation procedures as well as a variety of OSHA related topics.

This event was able to engage people in the industry outside of the Spokane/CDA area and meet a valuable need for that of the benefits of being a NUCA member is this type of training can be available for smaller businesses who do not have the resources to provide training on this scale.

We were very excited to provide this training and were please with how well it was received by those who attended. If you have a specific training need you would like met that is not currently being offered by NUCA EWNI we encourage you to contact Sheri Nowlan, NUCA Executive Director, at / 509.904.0652 to discuss options for getting training set up.

Pictures left to right: OSHA and L& I representatives: Hannah Patterson, Derbra Kellard & Mark Wagar, NUCA EWNI member/speaker Mark Gunderson from Badger and Safety Summit participants.

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