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Radiating Joy: Expressing Gratitude for Our Member's Support of NUCA's Inaugural Christmas Wish Success!

Families all across America struggle during the holidays. Some of those struggles include figuring out how to make ends meet, dealing with catastrophic illness or even the loss of a loved one. NUCA recognized that there were neighbors right here in the Pacific Northwest facing those same struggles. 

Keeping in mind that Christmas is a time when these families could really use some assistance to get through the added financial hardships and struggles that can come during the holidays, NUCA answered the call! NUCA of Eastern Washington North Idaho believes strongly in community and helping our neighbors.  With that sense of community in mind, NUCA EWNI started an "adopt a family" Christmas Wish program.

This program was rolled out at our annual Cornhole Tournament and was met with great enthusiasm!! Over $1400 was raised that evening alone with a generous matching donation offered. With that outpouring of generosity, let the shopping for this family in need of some Christmas spirit begin.

Through a nomination process, NUCA's Associate Committee identified a family who was definitely in need of some Christmas joy!! This mother and her kids had recently lost not only their husband/father who had worked for multiple NUCA member companies, they had also lost a set of grandparents in the previous months. So it was decided unanimously that they could benefit from some Christmas Joy and were the recipients of our first CHRISTMAS WISH. Executive Director Sheri Nowlan with the assistance of Executive Admin Nichole Thrift and a friend of the family went shopping not only for the children but were also able to gift a full spa day to this ever so deserving now single mom of three.

The family was so excited and very appreciative of this gift of love from our excavation community. While not everyone who contributed to this donation could be present during the hand-off, we wish to extend our sincerest thanks to all our generous benefactors. Your collective support and kindness made this invaluable gift possible, profoundly impacting and bringing joy to the recipient NUCA family.

NUCA EWNI looks forward to being able to continue to make an impact on our community with the support and generosity of our members! If you would like to be a part of the Christmas Wish giving, visit our donation page HERE or contact or for how to donate. Until next year... Happy Christmas Wish!!

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