Safety, Education & Training Classes

Education is our top priority! Learning and knowledge are the keys to success and NUCA offers members educational resources that are relevant, up-to-date, high quality, accessible, and affordable.


As a member you can access webinars, toolbox talks, and training materials.  We regularly offer classes to both members and non-members alike to improve the level of knowledge throught the excavating community.

Essential Skills for Crew Leaders


                                                     Utility and excavation                                                           projects get done most                                                       efficiently if workers are                                                       divided into crews with a                                                     common purpose.


                                            When a crew is formed to tackle a particular job, one person is appointed as the leader. This person is usually an experienced 

professional with demonstrated and exceptional leadership qualities. But an effective crew leader must have specific job skills to run a crew.


NUCA’s Essential Skills for Crew Leaders Training is a two-day, intensive course that trains workers to be effective leaders and communicators so they can provide clear direction to your crew, and plan and schedule the crew’s work to maximize safety, production, and profit.nd profit.

Dig Safe Certification Class


                               Are you & your                                         employees RCW
                               19.122 compliant?

                                           NUCA’s “Dig-Safe                                                           Certification Program”                                                      provides training to contractors, excavators, landscapers, public works employees – anyone working with or around pipelines and underground utilities – to perform best digging practices adhering to Washington Call Before You Dig Law (RCW 19.122) that went into effect Jan 1, 2013.  Students will receive a certificate and training ID good for 2 years.


Topics Covered Include

  • Definitions (as defined by WA RCW 19.122 & ID Title 55-2202)

  • Washington’s Call Before You Dig Law

  • Excavator & Facility Operator Duties

  • Excavation

  • Underground Facility or Pipeline Damage

  • Safety Committee & Commission Authority

  • Damage Prevention & Best Practices

  • DIRT Reporting

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MPDES SWPPP Administrator & SWPPP Preparer Certification Class

CWT will be holding a two day certification course for contractors,

engineers, consultants, municipal staff, and those wanting to learn more

about erosion controls BMP's.


Learn the MPDES permit requirements for construction and learn new

techniques and BMP's. Get hands on experience with BMP's in the field.


Course will be held in-person & virtually via ZOOM.


See FLYER for more information or contact or

(509) 947-6583

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                                                     Brad Humphrey leads us       

                                             through the leadership series

                                              Addressing Our Current 



These will be presented as a 20 minute Zoom interactive chat where you can eat lunch at your desk while gaining insight into leadership in our industry with "The Contractors Best Friend".  

Starting Tuesday March 9th @ 12:00 PM

Session 1 - Thoroughbreds, Fence-Sitters & Carp


Session 2 - How to Effectively Lead the Thoroughbred



Session 3 -  How to Effectively Lead the Fence-Sitter


Session 4  - How to Effectively Lead the Carp Worker

Session 5 - Final Tips to Lead Our Current Workforce

This lunchtime series will be FREE to NUCA Members Only and is sponsored by our valued Associate Member PayneWest Insurance

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Thank you to our series sponsor

PayneWest Insurance